Raija Mikkonen is chairman of the board. She lives in Kirsikoti and is responsible for the administration together with the board members.
”She is good at hair colouring and makes a good company in evening rides to the centre of Lieksa.”

Kaisu Nuutinen, how work as executive director, is responsible for workshop activities and new product development as well as making a plan for every resident and following their progress. The finance is also under her control. Kaisu has a long experience of working in Kirsikoti.
”It is easy to start a conversation with her and sometimes she invites you to her house.”

Krista Kettunen works as a supervisor. She helps residents in their daily duties in the kitchen and is responsible for cleaning services.
” It is always nice to do shopping with her and her blueberry pie is famous. Every Wednesday you have a chance to go swimming with her as well.”

Kalevi Martiskainen is the maintenance worker. He is responsible for inspecting, maintaining and repairing devices, machines and equipment, as well as for grounds maintenance.
“ Kalevi likes to drive our brand new all-terrain vehicle. “

Diverse support persons, professionals and friends of Kirsikoti are there to help the residents.

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