Kirsikoti’s residents are making many textile products and paintings for sale. Unique spectrum of colours and shapes is the “trademark”, which Kirsikoti’s products are renowned for. Many communities and private persons have already acquired Kirsikoti’s artists’ paintings in their collections.

Kirsikoti has also published books, which are sold both at Kirsikoti and here online. Made to order products are our speciality. Detailed pictures are available .

In addition to paintings and publications we sell, inter alia:

• A variety of clothing accessories
• A variety of bags
• Fabrics
• Wax cloths
• Silk ties
• Art textiles
• Cabinets for keys
• Pillow cases and covers
• Candles
• Cards
• Posters
• Trays
• Saucers

If you can, you are most welcome to come and see the products here in Kirsikoti or buy them online. We often sell our products in context with our exhibitions. Every purchase supports Kirsikoti’s activities! If you want futher information please contact us.

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