Business idea and plans

Leading a real life as an individual in a group

Kirsikoti got started from Raija Mikkonen’s dream of founding a community.
To become individuals aware of their healthy identity, people need cultural information about their past. Culture helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to live, grow, develop, and express themselves.
It includes countless dimensions in relation to itself and the surrounding world:

  • I learn, I can, I succeed. 
Someone listens to me. 
Someone talks to me. 
People feel that I’m important. 
I’m valuable as a person.
 My life has a meaning.
  • I belong to a group.
 I have a mission.
 I’m a part of this community.
 I’m a part of the society.
  • I can see the results of my work and they make me happy.
 I can be happy with others.
  • I learn to plan ahead, to wish, to want, to dare.
  • My identity grows stronger and I learn how to express myself better and to listen to others. An interaction with the surrounding world is created.

Everyday activities
• Home craft, cooking, baking, cleaning
• Looking after small animals
• Art workshop

Activity periods
• Activity periods are planned together with the participant

• Seasonal festivities
• Themed festivities

People living outside Kirsikoti can also take part in the daily activities and activity periods.

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