Artist Community

Work is Art

Art Instruction and workshop activities are individually planned and diverse in content. The premises and tools are modern and correspond to their intended purpose. Art exhibitions. Offer pleasant and developing work.

“We make quite a lot of art. We make products for sale and sometimes as gifts. And we also make paintings, towels, fabrics for trays, aprons, baby blankets, pot holders, baby bits, baby towels and face towels. Sometimes we work on commission. We make wax clothes, bags and other pouches, nap quilts, pillowcases, storage boxes and key cabinets.” –Piia


“ I’m sitting in the living room. I’m holding a sketchbook in my hand. I make a draft in it. When it is ready, I come to the workshop. I check the sketch. There are nice people everywhere. Some of the gang are there, the workshop instructors and other people. The working starts. It takes a while for me to get the idea clear. Then I take a pen and transfer the picture on the fabric. First the pattern. Then the colour. After that, I paint the background. Mostly, I enjoy my work and when the piece is finished I sight. I throw the workload off my shoulders. I start a new one and try to do my best. It’s hard to describe what we do in the workshop. I love those moments when the cats are jumping onto the fabrics.” –Santtu


“Work is everyday work. I use a pen to draw animal figures on the fabric, colouring them with different colours. I paint as long as I feel up to it. Painting is nice. I enjoy it and make curtains for windows. It is easy to look for the right colours for them, to try out the colours onto a piece of fabric. After work, we clean the brushes and dry them off with a cloth.” –Marika

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